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Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest DisasterInto Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster by Jon Krakauer
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INTO THIN AIR is an interesting read.
It is a chronicle of events that happened during the Everest expedition in May 1996 where 11 climbers died in 2 days in an erred attempt to reach the summit. The book starts with a mundane narration of how the author Jon Krakauer became a part of the expedition and what went thru his mind before the expedition. The narration picks up speed and vigour from the time the expedition reaches the base camp and intensifies as the team reaches the summit. Melancholy creeps in as the author unveils the unfortunate events on the day of approaching the summit. A bit of eery calmness descended into the narration once the narration of dreadful events is completed.

Overall, it is an interesting read to know about the perils associated with mountaineering at high altitudes.

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