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A Nightmare

 It was 3.30 AM and I woke up terrified, panicked and drenched in sweat as usual whenever I encounter that ghastly figure in my dreams(surreality). My shirt was soaked in sweat as if I ran for kilometres without a break. Who would run for kilometres at 3.30 AM on a chilling winter morning in November!! And yes, I didn't run without break, but I ran from a chilling experience. That ten-foot-tall figure that hovered around me the last time, came with yet another terrifying experience.  The spooky figure that encounters me is a muscular and shiny figure with a complexion that is indescribably grey and darker than the pyroclastic fumes. The signs of its coming are very clear.  It all starts with the distant howls of the street dogs. Then, black, brawny and growling street dogs with scars on their faces, appear from nowhere followed by that spooky personality of nearly ten feet. Those red shining eyes resemble fresh volcanic fumes. The strands of hair pitch black, untidy, unbraided, coi