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A Fraud Call

  We all might have received at least one call from a random number introducing themselves as bank employee and asking us about any loan requirement. Today morning, I received a similar call. Generally, I don't pick such calls. But as I am looking at some funding options, I picked the call, and after the initial pleasantries, the tele-caller asked for the loan requirement and I informed her about my personal loan requirement. I am a bit skeptical about my loan eligibility as it was only two and a half months I joined my present company and I don't even have a standard address proof as I recently relocated to my present address. Given all these uncertainties, I am aware that my chances are bleak.  But the tele-caller confidently reassured me that I am eligible even with the payslips for the two and half months of service. Then I enquired about the address proof. She simply said that AADHAR is not mandatory and I can provide my wi-fi bill as address proof. At this point, my doubt