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Professional Skill Set - A distant dream for a common man.

 In continuation to my earlier article on the gap between the market demand and supply of the skill sets in India, I am going to analyze the reasons why India is lagging behind in acquiring the skill sets required for the industry.  Despite 1.5 million engineers, 28000 doctors, 0.273 million arts graduates, and 0.267 million commerce graduates coming out of college every year, the industry in India has not shown much progress in the last decade (2010-2020).  As highlighted in my last article , the lack of skills required for the industry is the major reason for unemployability. If we observe carefully, the industry and the education sector though present in the same country, were not able to connect the dots and fill the gaps in the demand and supply of skill sets.  So, where is the problem? To be fair, the problem cannot be attributed to any party in specific, like the present and past governments, industry, or educational institutions. It is indeed a collective failure to coordinate