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Conversation with a fraud

  August 22nd 11.20 AM My phone was buzzing and the call was from an unknown number. Though the truecaller id showed it as spam, I decided to pick as I am searching for a job and many consultancy numbers are being marked as spam by some people to avoid repeated calls. Caller: Sir, This is X calling from ABC bank. Am I speaking to Ajit? ( Started with a rustic accent of Hindi) Me: Yes. May I know from which bank you are calling? Caller: I am calling from ABC bank. Sir, are you comfortable in Hindi. Me: No. I am comfortable with English only.  Caller: Ok Sir, I am transferring the call to English department. After a gap of few seconds, the phone was picked by some other caller. Caller: Sir, This is Y and I your call has been transferred. Me: Ok. What's the matter? Caller: We are calling from the credit card department of ABC bank and our system is showing that you have an outstanding of Rs 1.5 lakhs on your credit card. Note that I don't have any credit card from that bank. I