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Indian Judiciary - Judicial activism - A critical review.

(Long Read Alert - 14 mins 38 secs reading time). Judiciary - A single word that defines the justice delivery system in any country. In an autocracy, the judiciary's function is simple: to safeguard the interests of its master. But in a democracy, the function of the judiciary is more vibrant and complex. Being said that, the primary function of the Indian judiciary as intended by the Constitution of India is to provide justice for every citizen by interpreting the laws made by the legislature and to safeguard the citizens from the breach of fundamental rights by internal or external forces. In this process of providing a legal framework for the country, the judiciary is intended to work with different interest groups like legislature, executive, media, political, religious, and social groups with specific objectives. It will be naive to assume that all groups will have the same objectives, intentions, and mottos. So, the judiciary has an interesting job of interpreting the

The Gandhari within us...

Everyone who has read, watched, or listened to Mahabharata might be aware of " Gandhari ", the queen of Hastinapura, wife of Dritarashtra, and mother of Kauravas. Many people know Kauravas, Gandhari, and their rivalry with the Pandavas which led to the great battle of Kurukshetra. But how Kauravas were born is an interesting episode to understand how we all have Gandhari in us. So, How are Kauravas born?  Sage Dwaipayana gave a boon to Gandhari to have 100 sons as a token of appreciation for her hospitality during his stay at Hastinapura. She became pregnant after some time and was pregnant for nearly two years. Yes, you read it right. Gandhari was pregnant for two years. Even after two years of pregnancy, there are no signs of delivery. Meanwhile, Kunti delivered Yudishtara as a healthy baby with normal pregnancy.  In haste and frustration, Gandhari pressurized her womb. Due to this untimely action of Gandhari, the fetus got delivered as a massive lump of flesh and not as a