The Lion and The Jackals

  Long ago, a lion, a few jackals, deer, and other animals lived in a forest. 

The lion used to hunt daily to satisfy his hunger. Because jackals do not know how to hunt according to their natural behavior, they spend time eating the remaining meat while the lion hunts and eats. 

Some time passed like that. One day, one jackal's hunger was not satisfied as it got less meat. It then thought and said to another fox, "Every day we eat what the lion has left. Because the lion is eating more, we do not get enough meat. If the same lion is not there, we can eat all the deer in the forest."

The jackal who heard that told the other jackals the same thing. So all the foxes come up with a plan.

According to their plan, the jackals poisoned the meat of a naturally dead rabbit and went to the lion and said, "Lion, we are living on what you eat every day, so we brought this rabbit meat as a gesture of courtesy."

The lion who believed those words ate the meat and died. 

After the death of the lion, the jackals, who did not know how to hunt, began to starve. Unable to do the hunting, the jackals started fighting for the carcasses of the dead animals. Some jackals died while fighting among themselves, and some died eating the rotten meat of the dead animals.


1. Greed leads to sorrow. The jackals hoped they could eat all the meat if the absence of the lion. But they forgot that they don't know how to hunt, due to their greediness.

2. Don't trust anyone blindly. The lion was tricked into believing that the foxes gave the meat out of courtesy.

3. Have a sense of gratitude. The lion said nothing even though he knew the jackals would eat what he had eaten. It is eating as much as it can naturally eat. But the jackals thought selfishly without gratitude and perished.


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