A Fraud Call


We all might have received at least one call from a random number introducing themselves as bank employee and asking us about any loan requirement.

Today morning, I received a similar call. Generally, I don't pick such calls. But as I am looking at some funding options, I picked the call, and after the initial pleasantries, the tele-caller asked for the loan requirement and I informed her about my personal loan requirement.

I am a bit skeptical about my loan eligibility as it was only two and a half months I joined my present company and I don't even have a standard address proof as I recently relocated to my present address. Given all these uncertainties, I am aware that my chances are bleak. 

But the tele-caller confidently reassured me that I am eligible even with the payslips for the two and half months of service. Then I enquired about the address proof. She simply said that AADHAR is not mandatory and I can provide my wi-fi bill as address proof. At this point, my doubt became profound yet I am a bit hopeful.

The rest of the conversation went well and she asked me to forward the documents to her WhatsApp number when I asked about the document submission. Though I was a bit skeptical about the process being followed, I was in a hurry as I have to attend some meetings. So, I asked her to drop a message on WhatsApp.

She even went to the extent of suggesting to me to bluff that a bank agent has visited me to collect the documents. My doubt went beyond bounds. But still, I wanted to check what they are into. So, I asked about the interest rate.

She said the interest rate is 11% and even without negotiating she said she will take approval for 10.25% (minimum rate of interest). When asked about the processing fee, she immediately replied saying that there is no processing fee given the amount I am planning to take. But I know what I am taking is peanuts for the bank and they will not waive the processing fee on a personal loan.

Then I asked her to share her official email id so that I can send the documents. She called me again and said that I can forward the documents on WhatsApp and also I have to share some passwords which I will get from the bank during the processing stage. I hung up the call. But I insisted on an official email id. 

This is where they are not able to dupe. She sent some random Gmail id as an official email id. When I asked why the official email id is not ending with the bank's domain name, I didn't get a reply.

After an hour, I pinged the chat and insisted on an email id with the bank domain and I said that I will not share my ID proof, address proof, and bank statement over WhatsApp as I have security concerns. 

Unexpectedly, they blocked me on WhatsApp. 😎

Beware of the fraudsters. 

Always remember,

1. Never share passwords or OTPs over the phone (Messaging or calls) related to financial transactions or net banking even with a known person.

2. Never share your documents like ID proof, address proof, bank statements, PAN card numbers on WhatsApp or any other messaging apps. They can be misused by the receiver.

3. Do not share the documents through any link shared in an email. Ask the bank officer to provide the path on the official website for submitting the documents. (if they are to be submitted online)

4. Do not share your documents or confidential information like PAN no, Bank account number, Nominee details, salary slips to any person who is not able to produce a valid identity card from the lending institutions.

5. The best way to apply for loans/accounts is to apply through bank or lending institutions' official websites, calling their customer care, or by walking into the nearest branch.


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