Conversation with a fraud


August 22nd 11.20 AM

My phone was buzzing and the call was from an unknown number. Though the truecaller id showed it as spam, I decided to pick as I am searching for a job and many consultancy numbers are being marked as spam by some people to avoid repeated calls.

Caller: Sir, This is X calling from ABC bank. Am I speaking to Ajit? ( Started with a rustic accent of Hindi)

Me: Yes. May I know from which bank you are calling?

Caller: I am calling from ABC bank. Sir, are you comfortable in Hindi.

Me: No. I am comfortable with English only. 

Caller: Ok Sir, I am transferring the call to English department.

After a gap of few seconds, the phone was picked by some other caller.

Caller: Sir, This is Y and I your call has been transferred.

Me: Ok. What's the matter?

Caller: We are calling from the credit card department of ABC bank and our system is showing that you have an outstanding of Rs 1.5 lakhs on your credit card.

Note that I don't have any credit card from that bank.

I was a bit surprised at the confidence of the person speaking to me. But I decided to play along to know the pattern they are following to trick the people. So I pretended to be innocent and believing their words.

Me: Is it! Sir, I don't have a card with your bank.

Caller: Is your name Ajit?

Me: Yes.

Caller: If so, there is a card in our system and you have an outstanding of Rs 1.5 lakh to be paid immediately.

Me: Sir, I don't have a credit card with your bank. How can you claim that I have an outstanding?

Caller: Sir, its irrelevant for us whether you are using the card or not. Since it is in your name, you have to pay the outstanding or we will issue a legal notice.

Me: Sorry Sir, I cannot pay that much immediately.(with a sense of panic in my voice)

Caller: You don't need to pay the entire amount immediately. We can give you an option to pay it in 3 installments.

Me: Sorry, I cannot pay even in 3 installments as I don't have a job now.

Caller: In that case, we will issue a legal notice and you have to attend court case. You can be jailed up to 6 months if you don't attend the case.

Me: Is it that serious? Please tell me the card number at least. I will pay some amount.

Caller: No Sir, we are not supposed to reveal the card number.(because they don't have it).

I thought its enough of the play and decided to show him the true colors.

Me: Ok. I am not using the card, send me the legal notice and I will reply for it.

Caller: No Sir, we will directly file a case and you will receive court notice.

Me: Is it!! Send me the notice and I will reply to it.

Caller: Please confirm your date of birth and address. We will send the notice to that address.

Me: Are you really calling from a bank?

Caller: Yes.

Me: Then don't you have my date of birth and communication address.

Caller: Sir, we need to confirm the address with you and can send notice to that address only.

Me: I am not going to confirm any address. Send the notice to the address in your system.

Caller: Sir, this call is recording and your jail term may increase.

I was about to burst out laughing at the use of the word "jail term" based on a fraud call recording. I suppressed the laugh and continued.

Me: No issue. Please send me the notice and I will attend the court.

Caller: Sir, we don't want to take severe action on our customers. So we are giving a final option to pay at least Rs 10000/- as the initial payment and pay the remaining in 6 installments.

Me: You don't have my credit card number,  date of birth and communication address. So how can I believe you are calling from a bank.

The call got disconnected with a beep sound.

Beware of the fraud calls. There are certain aspects which clearly tells that the person calling is a fraud, especially when they claim that they are calling from a bank. Follow the below steps to avoid any financial loss:

1. Dont continue the conversation the moment they refer to a bank name in which you don't have any transactions or accounts.

2. Never reveal your sensitive information about the card numbers, pins, CVV numbers, registered mobile numbers & mail ids, communication address and date of birth. Banks never ask this information and all your address and personal details will be available with the

3. Ask the caller to confirm the last 4 digits of your card number and cross verify whether you are holding that card or not.

4. No need to panic even if they say the card is in your name. You will not be liable for any financial transactions which you didn't do.

5. Finally, don't make any payment online to any other mobile number or bank account provided by the caller. Ask them to send the statement of account and confirm that you will pay through your bank website or banking app.


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