The Bluestone

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in a small town. One day, he was playing in the sand. As the boy was digging the sand, he found a wonderful peanut-sized stone in a mesmerizing and intense blue shade.

The boy looked at it with fascination and astonishment for some time. He stopped playing and took the stone to his house. He held the stone tight in his hand not to lose it. The stone had some sharp edges and so the boy got injured when he held it tight.

When he reached his home, he showed the stone to his mother. The mother got worried about the wound and she asked the boy to throw away the stone.

The boy was stubborn and kept the stone in his cupboard. He used to check the stone daily in the morning and before going to sleep.

Years later, the boy’s father thought of buying a diamond ring for him and took him to the jeweller.
The boy, fascinated by the stone argued with his father to have the bluestone in the ring instead of the diamond. After a lot of contemplation, father agreed.

The stone was broken by the jeweller to fix it in the ring.

The boy was very well aware of the size asked the jeweller to return the broken piece. He took the broken piece and kept it in his cupboard while he wore that ring.
Now, both are precious for the boy.

Days, months and years passed. The boy grew up to be an adult and started earning. Even after all those years, he has the same fascination towards the stone.

One day while he was travelling, he saw an old man travelling along with him looking weirdly at the ring. The boy asked the old man why he was looking strangely at him. The old man asked about the stone in the ring as it seemed out of the place.

He replied “It might be a stone for you. But it is precious for me and will remain precious for a lifetime. The worth of a thing or person doesn’t depend on their material value. It depends on how we perceive them and how we adore their presence.

We may come across a few people in our life just like the way the boy in this story came across the stone. Those people might look like a stone for the world but we adore them for the reasons unknown.


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